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Education Status of Children with Disabilities

In India, where the school children population exceeds 200 million, it is estimated that around 20 million children require special education. However, the enrollment rate for children with disabilities is less than 5%, compared to the national average enrollment rate of over 90%. Moreover, approximately 40% of schools are unable to provide a complete five-year basic education, and an additional 20% of students drop out before fulfilling the mandatory education requirement set by our constitution. These statistics highlight the pressing need for Inclusive Education Centers( Special Education) to provide essential support to children in need.

Why Us?

GiftAbled Inclusive Education Center similar to a special school is a facility or institution that promotes and provides inclusive education opportunities for students with diverse learning needs, including those with special educational needs.

Our Institute maintains 1: 5 Teacher - Student ratio.

Our Offerings

These objectives collectively contribute to creating an inclusive educational environment that values and supports the learning and development of children.

Encourage and facilitate the enrollment of your children in Inclusive Education program